World Maritime University President To Speak At East Med Maritime Conference 2019.


World Maritime University (WMU), the maritime university serving the global maritime community, will participate in the upcoming East Med Maritime Conference EMMC 2019, taking place on 19 & 20 June 2019, Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of WMU, told Robban Assafina magazine that she views WMU’s participation in this event as an important opportunity to nurture the University’s outreach to Lebanon and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Citing the position of the university, Dr. Doumbia-Henry said that the University is the apex educational and training institution of the International Maritime Organization (IMO): “Our capacity building mission in maritime and oceans postgraduate education is critical in supporting IMO member States and maritime industry stakeholders in the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The notable speaker who will honor the anticipated event also spoke of EMMC 2019 role in expanding WMU prospects in the region, saying: “WMU alumni in Lebanon and neighboring countries hold key roles in the maritime and ocean sectors, and the University welcomes the opportunity to advance its capacity building mission in Lebanon and the region. As a world class center of maritime excellence, I am of the view that conferences provide an opportunity for WMU to collaborate with maritime stakeholders on education, research and capacity building with partners in Lebanon and the region as a whole, to advance the effective implementation of IMO instruments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a view to promote safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans.”

Dr. Doumbia-Henry also took the opportunity to speak of Women in the Maritime sector, in light of IMO’s World Maritime Day’s main theme this year: Empowering Women in the Maritime Community and WMU’s role in contributing to this global maritime day: “On 4-5 April 2019, WMU hosted the WMU Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Conference that gathered over 350 participants from more than 70 countries. An outcome of the conference was the adoption of conclusions reflecting the deep commitment of the participants to cooperate and coordinate their actions and strategies for the development and implementation of gender-responsive policies and related programs in their respective sectors and areas of responsibility.”

Maritime & Women
WMU has also introduced some other plans that directly help engage women more in the maritime community. At the end of May 2019, WMU announced the launch of a PhD Scholarship and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program – Empowering Women for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
The WMU Women’s Association (WMUWA) also hosted on 11 March 2019 an International Women’s Day (IWD) seminar for WMU students and staff reflecting the official IWD 2019 theme, “Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate for Change”.

WMU is committed to UN SDG 5 focused on gender equality. At the 2018 Graduation Ceremony, an Award was conferred on the 1000th female graduate. To date, 1,029 women have graduated from WMU; Women represent 21% of all WMU graduates, of which 18% were enrolled in the MSc programs. This number is set to grow, according to Dr. Doumbia-Henry, and WMU is committed to increasing the intake of women from Arab countries. It is of note that the Class of 2019 includes the first Jordanian female student.

The outcome of a major project was launched by WMU in January 2019. Dr. Doumbia-Henry said that WMU and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) partnered on this major flag ship report, entitled: “Transport 2040: Automation Technology Employment – the Future of Work”. The forward-looking assessment, produced by WMU, investigates how the global transport industry will change as a result of automation and advanced technologies, forecasting and analyzing trends and developments in the major transport sectors up to 2040.

WMU hosted the 43rd Annual Center for Oceans Law and Policy (COLP) Conference that took place at WMU from 15-16 May 2019. The event, featuring many of the world’s leading experts, focused on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ): Intractable Challenges & Potential Solutions.

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