U-Freight Group wins key government contract in the Philippines


Through its long-standing partner in the country, the Hong Kong-based U-Freight Group will be participating in the global distribution of all the equipment, peripherals, documentation and other paraphernalia that is required for the national and local elections that are due to take place in the Philippines this year.

The U-Freight Phils and U-Ocean Inc brands won a competitive government tender held by the country’s Commission on Elections (COMELC) to deliver the materials from the Philippines to various Foreign Service Posts, and return them subsequently, so that non-resident citizens of the country can participate in those elections.

Commenting on the contract award, Rosalyn Rosales, president of U-Freight Phils and U-Ocean Inc, said she is celebrating this historical event as it is the first time the company has participated in a government tender of this nature.

“Participating in the electoral exercise will give the company the opportunity to be part of and support the transition of the country’s administration, this year.

“Ensuring the delivery of election-related equipment and peripherals requires stable global organisational strength and capability, which we have as a result of being a long-standing partner within the Hong Kong-based U-Freight Group.”

The shipments consist of election-related equipment, peripherals, forms, supplies and paraphernalia and will be distributed to 92 places worldwide via air and seafreight.

In the Philippines, U-Freight Phils and U-Ocean Inc have been pillars of the international freight forwarding industry for nearly 50 years, working across multiple sectors including semiconductors, aviation, tobacco, manufacturing, agriculture, as well as medicines and pharmaceuticals.

Picture left to right, Ramil Vasquez from the Comelec Packing and Shipping Committee who is in charge of Sta Rosa City Warehouse; Emmanuel Adad Jr, U Group project manager; Rosalyn Rosales, president of U-Freight Phils and U-Ocean Inc; Dir Julio Thaddeus Hernan, head of Comelec Packing and Shipping Committee; Frances Zaida Lim, U Group Assistant project manager; Emerito Tuscano, Comelec supervising administrative officer Contract Management Division, PMD; and Dale Jose Rago from the Comelec Packing and Shipping Committee who is in charge of Non-Accountable Forms and Supplies Warehouse.

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