TTS Support Save 100 Hours A Month In Admin Time With r2c Online.


Mobile fleet maintenance providers TTS Support have streamlined business activities and improved customer service levels in addition to saving 100 hours a month in admin time with r2c Online.

Rick Balderson, Director at TTS Support explained,

“We chose r2c Online for our maintenance system to ease the pressure of getting compliance paperwork to our customers. We used to hand write the services sheets to scan and forward to the customer. Then we would type out the invoices and send them separately. We no longer have any of that because the job is inputted digitally by the engineer, signed off and priced by our operations team, then automatically sent to the customer.”

Using the r2c Online platform has improved productivity across TTS Support’s 24/7 mobile repair fleet. Rick continued,

“All of our engineers find it simple and quick to use; they can have all the information sent to them on the move without having to call the office for updates throughout the day. It makes life a lot easier with our engineers being on sites nationwide and being able to complete the service paperwork before they leave site. This gives us the edge for keeping our customers compliant and saves time in chasing manual paperwork.”

TTS Support also implemented r2c’s i2i module for pricing and invoicing alongside the main workshop management platform. Rick said,

“The best thing about r2c is that it’s a centralised platform that connects with our customers, and incorporating i2i makes everything even more seamless. We can have access to the vehicles’ full history of maintenance and previous invoices all in one online place. Our operations team can find the information requested by the customer in an instant which reduces the need for phone calls back and forth.”

Considering the benefits found using r2c over the past year, Rick concluded,

“We’re saving over five minutes per job with r2c, on 1100 jobs a month, which totals around 100 hours in admin time. However, it’s not just the financial efficiencies that have benefited our business, it’s the improved service that we can provide to our customers. We always have somebody on the end of the phone for backup support, so any issues that arise are immediately resolved. Anyone that is wanting to grow as a repair agent will need software that can keep up with the demands – I’d confidently say r2c is the system for the job.”

Nick Walls, Managing Director at r2c Online, commented,

“We’re delighted to hear about TTS Support’s success using the platform. The mobile repair industry is craving administrative efficiencies and our cloud-based technology and collaborative features are perfect for helping repair agents realise the true benefits of going digital. We look forward to improving TTS Support’s efficiency savings and customer service levels even further in the future.”

About r2c Online

r2c Online’s powerful software platform currently connects 23,000 fleets and 1,000 workshops for best practice vehicle compliance and maintenance. Our multi award-winning solutions drive efficiency, reduce risk and provide fast ROI for fleets of all types and makes, with strong customer bases in the logistics, plant, waste and public sector industries. What makes the r2c platform stand out is its online service network, which allows customers to connect and collaborate with their preferred repairers in real-time.

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