thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Tasks Sixfold To Provide Real-Time Visibility Of Time-Critical Transports.


Industrialist aims to automate monitoring of time-critical outbound transports and better utilize resources in warehouses and group operational sites through tracking inbound transports in real-time

Real-time logistics visibility leader Sixfold today announces that industrialist thyssenkrupp Steel Europe will adopt its live shipment sharing platform to better utilize resources in warehouses and operational sites. thyssenkrupp will then be able to track inbound transports to its European sites in real-time and improve significantly warehouse productivity.

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-grade flat steel. With around 27,000 employees, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide range of industries.

“With time-critical data on inbound logistics, we will further increase our productivity,” says Jens Fiedler from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe’s logistics department. “Sixfold with its intuitive logistics delivery platform can provide us with such intelligence.”

Sixfold’s CEO Wolfgang Wörner adds: ”Systematic reporting and benchmarking with the help of ETAs helps the world’s biggest companies to better manage their carriers and consequently reduce freight costs by 1–3%. Moreover, visibility helps companies like thyssenkrupp to become more “interesting” customers for carriers, as it helps to reduce wait-times, dwell-times, check-calls, and penalties. Thus, it’s a win-win for shippers and carriers.”

As predictive shipments accelerate, the global value chain will become more complex, relying on advanced algorithms to make supply chains smarter and leaner. Sixfold is defining the new smart logistics era.

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is a joint customer of Sixfold and Transporeon, Europe’s largest logistics network and used by 1,200 shippers in the manufacturing and retailing industries. Sixfold is the exclusive real-time visibility provider to the network giving real-time visibility on 50,000 shipments each day.

“thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Transporeon have enjoyed a successful relationship for many years and this has been enhanced by adding the Sixfold platform for real-time visibility of shipments into the equation,” adds Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon. “Customer feedback confirms time and again that Sixfold is the true future of data distribution in the supply chain and we urge all users of the Transporeon network to get ahead and get their carriers onboard.”

About thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of carbon steel flat products. With around 27,000 employees, the company supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide variety of industries. Customer-specific material solutions and services around steel complete the range of services. With a production volume of approximately 12 million tons of crude steel annually, thyssenkrupp Steel is the largest flat steel producer in Germany.

About Transporeon

Transporeon boosts logistics performance and profitability with every freight load. Founded in Germany in 2000, Transporeon connects a worldwide network of more than 1,200 industrial shippers and retailers with over 90,000 logistics service providers in 100+ countries in real time. Its security-certified platforms offer digital solutions for freight benchmarking and sourcing, freight assignment and shipment execution, time slot management, shipment tracking, and end-to-end supply chain visibility. By leveraging the latest capabilities, including artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Transporeon solutions cut CO2 emissions, empty runs and truck waiting times while digitizing manual processes. Transporeon is located across Europe, Russia, Asia and the US. For more information, visit

About Sixfold

Sixfold is fast becoming Europe’s leading real-time logistics visibility platforms for the supply chain. Shippers and carriers seamlessly integrate their transport management systems with the Sixfold visibility platform to know where their shipments are and when they will arrive with minimal manual work from either of the parties. The platform aggregates data from all telematics systems into one data stream giving true end-to-end visibility of shipments. The Sixfold platform has powerful AI capabilities and singularly predicts delays and provides proactive alerts on any shipment delays. Up to Euros, 500 million of goods are monitored by Europe’s supply chains each day using the Sixfold platform enabling customers and shippers to gain business advantage and to better plan operations. Sixfold supports customers in more than 25 European languages and data distributed on its platform is totally secure and GDPR compliant. Visit

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