Tenth sorting centre ‘primed’ for fully automated parcel handling


The recent opening of Austria Post’s new parcel centre in Thalgau is the culmination of the operator’s long partnership with Prime Vision that has seen the computer vision specialist’s software solution for automated parcel sorting being replicated across multiple sites. Indeed, Thalgau is the operator’s tenth hub to adopt Prime Vision’s OCR, video coding and image archiving solution.

Although this is a fairly classic combination for Prime Vision what makes this project really stand out from the crowd is its scalability. Having initially proved its effectiveness at Austria Post’s sorting centre in Vienna, the solution has been systematically rolled out nationwide.

“Austria Post was one of our very first customers and, over the years, we have built a very close relationship based on mutual trust and co-operation,” explains Prime Vision’s Account Director, Alexandra Ballestrem. “The flexibility of our concept makes it especially easy for us to add more sorting centres to the solution. It’s a great example of why open architecture systems are so important to dynamic postal operations. They allow easy and cost-effective upgrade and expansion.”

Thalgau is now fully live and operating as successfully as its forerunners. And Prime Vision is pleased to confirm its software blueprint will continue to be at the heart of further hub transitions planned by Austria Post in 2021/2022.

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