Supply Chain Forum 2020 Presented By Siemens Digital Logistics: “Welcome To The Future Of Intelligent Logistics”.


”Welcome to the Future of intelligent Logistics”: That’s the theme of the Supply Chain Forum 2020, presented by Siemens Digital Logistics in the Hilton Airport Hotel Frankfurt (The Squaire) on May 7. The digital revolution is producing more than just innovative supply chain solutions and business models: A torrent of themes, memes, and competing systems is also creating uncertainty. Siemens Digital Logistics, a leading IT service provider in global supply chain management, showcases actual customer projects and forward-looking ideas to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

“There is a rapidly growing need for consulting when it comes to implementing digital technology,” affirms Siemens Digital Logistics CEO Kadir Dindar. This stems from the dizzying array of new terminology associated with this technology, he adds, but also from the competing apps, systems, and platforms for managing logistical processes. “Predictive analytics, internet of things, artificial intelligence: Among the many options available for digitizing logistical processes, many companies can’t see the forest for the trees,”

Dindar laments.

Which methods and tools will be important for your own business? How can they be deployed to improve your bottom line? And how can the various IT options be combined into a harmonious ensemble?

That’s why the Supply Chain Forum 2020, presented by Siemens Digital Logistics, is the ideal venue to show logistics professionals the way out of the labyrinth of possible digital solutions. The industry meetup brings together prominent supply chain experts from the worlds of IT and logistics to illustrate which solutions are used in which scenario and how they can be integrated effectively with other IT solutions. Insights into the world of digital logistics are available in presentations and discussions with representatives of companies including Atos, AGCO International, Mercedes Benz, and Villeroy & Boch.

“The ability to combine diverse digital logistics applications into a harmonious ensemble will become more crucial than ever going forward,”

says Dindar. Siemens Digital Logistics is ready to help customers with its portfolio of end-to-end software and consulting solutions in global supply chain management.

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