Speedy Freight Continues Expansion Momentum With Sixth New Branch Opening In Four Months.


Speedy Freight, the UK’s leading provider of urgent or sensitive transport, has announced the opening of a new branch in Bromley. The launch is Speedy Freight’s sixth new branch opening in the past four months, with other locations in York, Cambridge, Stevenage, Cornwall, and South Wales.

The new branch will bring greater driver opportunities to locals and the company will be actively encouraging owner drivers to its preferred driver network programme. The network has been designed to provide drivers with the flexibility to work a schedule that suits their needs, so a healthy work-life balance can be achieved.

Matt Goreham, co-General Manager, who will be running the new branch with his wife, Sam Goreham, said of the opening,

“Following 20 years in the transport industry, both as a driver and a Speedy Freight branch operator, I am really excited to share my logistics expertise and services with local businesses in Bromley.”

The husband and wife team also run a Speedy Freight branch in Chatham,

“We have a strong driver network in Chatham and we’ll be looking to expand this driver pool with owner drivers from the Bromley area. Currently, we’re looking for up to 10 new owner drivers to add to our preferred driver network. Using our Speedy Freight app. Local drivers, including haulage partners with larger 7.5 tonne and 18 tonne vehicles, can work a flexible schedule while helping us to keep hundreds of businesses running on a daily basis,” comments co-General Manager Sam Goreham.

“Thanks to our preferred driver network programme, we’re able to utilise over 4,000 vehicles across the country to help us to deliver anything from an urgent medical sample to essential bricks needed to keep a construction site going. With a dedicated service model, we go direct from collecting a client’s goods straight to the delivery address, ensuring all consignments travel safely and securely.”

If you are interested in your local Speedy Freight services, please contact:


0208 059 3649



01634 369 045


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