Simply Complex: Supply Chain Management With Synfioo And Two New Partners.


Synfioo is now an official SAP partner with its platform for Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) predictions and intermodal supply chain visibility. Since mid-March 2019, over 388,000 SAP customers worldwide have been able to integrate the Synfioo ETA Prediction Platform directly into their SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) systems. The application is available in the SAP App Center, a B2B marketplace for innovative digital solutions. This makes transport processes more transparent for all parties involved and greatly increases the planning reliability of supply chains. The precise calculation of arrival times of the Potsdam-based start-up also convinced the 360° logistics platform NIC-place to bring Synfioo on board as a competent partner for their Tourboard.

The SAP App Center offers its customers solutions from selected SAP partners to expand its own products. “The cooperation with SAP enables even more companies to benefit from the ETA platform. In addition to a direct added value, easy access to our digital solution was a key priority for us. The integration with SAP facilitates the use of the Synfioo services without installing additional software,” emphasizes Marian Pufahl, CEO of Synfioo. The ETA platform makes supply chains more transparent and efficient by highlighting transports affected by delays in the Transportation Cockpit of SAP Transportation Management. A traffic light system shows at a glance where countermeasures should be taken. “It is no longer necessary to manually search for possible sources of disruptions. Instead, delays can be managed faster and proactively. This not only saves time and money but makes transport planning easier for everyone involved in the supply chain,” explains Pufahl.

In addition to disruption alerts, the ETA platform connects all people implicated along the transport process, thus improving communication and transparency. This approach also plays a central role in the cooperation with NIC-place. “In today’s just-in-time supply chains, it is important to be informed about delays in the transport process at an early stage, so that, for example, slot bookings can be planned accordingly. Disruptions can easily occur, especially with intermodal transports, and often cause annoyance and additional costs. This can be avoided,” confirms Pufahl. NIC-place embeds Synfioo’s application for end-to-end monitoring and dynamic calculation of ETA for individual transports into its own logistics platform.

The accurate ETA-calculations are determined from a multitude of historical and current data using machine learning algorithms and AI-controlled precision. Synfioo’s analysis is based on real-time information regarding weather, ferry times, ship positions and flight times, water levels, construction sites, traffic jams and waiting times at borders. These and many other data sources enable a reliable determination of delays in intermodal supply chains.

In addition to the accessibility of the Synfioo services via partner marketplaces, the ETA solution can be integrated directly into existing company transport management systems (TMS). Companies without a TMS can use the OnTime Navigator application, which can be accessed with any browser. The mobile app Synfioo GPS is available in the Google Play Store especially for drivers. This makes simple transport planning possible for everyone, via the desired and simplest channel.

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