Ship Operators Can Save Money And Increase Quality.


Ship operators can save thousands of dollars each year by streamlining their galley operations to optimise costs and reduce wastage.

Catering management specialist MCTC advises that reassessing galley costs and making simple strategic moves towards forward planning can make a big difference to vessel operating costs.

“Shipowners and ship managers could be saving thousands of dollars a year in the galley. I’d estimate that we can save each vessel approximately 1,500-2,000 USD every year,”

says MCTC’s Managing Director, Christian Ioannou.

Standardisation and streamlining are pivotal to cutting costs and reducing food waste. Industry surveys indicate that the world as a whole wastes some $2.6 trillion USD every year – and shipping is not exempt from this wastage. In addition, port waste reception facility costs are increasing – making it essential on environmental and financial grounds to minimise food wastage at sea. MCTC specialises in providing a range of catering solutions, including weekly menus from its culinary training consultants, which take into account the nationality and food preferences of the crew — thereby improving seafarer happiness as well as reducing costs.

Mr Ioannou reveals:

“There’s a misinterpretation in ship owning companies that setting a budget for food will save money but it’s important to also include standardised catering methods too which maximise the efficient use of ship stores. MCTC looks at the bigger picture to develop standardised processes which streamline practises. It allows for more methodical procedures, effective catering and delegation of crew’s time.”

MCTC provides a full Catering Management System which covers the vessel’s entire catering needs. The structures allow for cost optimisation for shipowners and managers through an effective and efficient system. MCTC also provides bi-weekly topics from its in-house nutritionists, food technologists and chef consultants, with tasty weekly menus to keep crew satisfied.

The system works well, he explains.

“Our job is to save ship operators money while promoting healthy, nutritious food for seafarers. We don’t cut corners but save money through our specialised programmes.”

On top of this, MCTC offers its Catering Management services hand in hand with its unique Catering Competency Development Program, conducts onboard training and performs briefings and onshore trainings at its establishments in The Philippines. The company is working to improve global marine catering by providing practical trade tests and evaluations of its Chief Cooks either in the office or via crew conference calls. MCTC also carries out Health & Nutrition Workshops and holds onboard cooking competitions – which add an element of fun to the serious process of keeping a crew well fed!

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