Setting the course for expansion: Hegelmann Group is being reorganized in France


During 2021, the Hegelmann Group has centralized its activities in France within the context of a holding company called AS HOLDING SAS, based in Chatenoy-le-Royal, near Chalon-sur-Saône, in Burgundy. The German company specializes in road transport, truck services and warehouse logistics. In this way they intend to obtain their means to expand their promising development in France.

The family-owned group has been operating in France since 2017 and already has several companies of different legal forms in France, organized by type of business. The oldest, recently renamed Fleet SAS, based in Chatenoy-le-Royal, manages all road transport activities with its own Hegelmann trucks and a 6,000-square-meter warehouse. Hegelmann has also recently started offering truck repair and maintenance services. Based in Vatry, near Chalon-en-Champagne, HT Trucks & Parts SAS also has a secondary location in Chatenoy-le-Royal and plans to open two new sites in France in 2022. This organization will be joined by an SCI to manage real estate operations.

“Our family-owned group, headquartered in southeastern Germany, is currently in the process of reorganizing to centralize its support services and expand its presence in other European countries, such as France,” explains Svetlana Korotkov, managing director of AS Holding, who is responsible for developing the French market for Hegelmann Group. “We have a strong ambition to expand in the French market, including new branches of specialized workshops for trucks and the opening of accommodations for truck drivers from the beginning of 2022,” Korotkov adds.

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