Sentinel To Exhibit At FORS Members Conference 2019.


Sentinel Systems is pleased to announce it will be attending the FORS Members Conference next month. As an accredited FORS Associate supplier for its range of advanced vehicle camera and sensor systems, Sentinel will be exhibiting at the fourth annual event with leading figures from across the transport sector, FORS experts and fellow transport professionals.

Sentinel’s full range of high-spec vehicle cameras and various sensors are approved by the organisation for use on vehicles that are looking to achieve a FORS accreditation. The accreditation promotes Sentinel’s products as being in line with the latest FORS regulations.

Allan Robertson, Sales Director at Sentinel Systems commented,

“We have been connected with FORS for many years, having sponsored a number of events and have always supported their work within the industry. We are very honoured to be an official supplier and helping to make an impact on the safety of vehicles across the UK. Many of our customers are accredited by FORS and we are pleased that our products can contribute to their accreditation.”

As an accredited supplier, Sentinel Systems are recognised for their commitment to vehicle safety and support of the standards that are promoted by FORS. Sentinel’s products have been widely adopted by fleet operators across the UK and worldwide that are looking to improve the safety of their vehicles.

Sentinel offers a wide range of cameras, including specialist reversing, side-scanning and forward- facing cameras, which together can give a full 360° view of the vehicle’s surroundings. With this, drivers are able to identify pedestrians, cyclists, third-party vehicles and buildings, giving them enough notice to take caution when manoeuvring. All installed cameras are linked to Sentinel’s split-screen in-cab monitor for a permanent view at all times. The cameras can be supported by a mobile DVR unit, complete with an extractable 1TB hard drive to capture footage to be used in a crash-for-cash or other defence claim.

Similarly, Sentinel’s detection sensors offer drivers a valuable warning of obstructions and can be installed at the rear or nearside of the vehicle. The sensors are set to identify pedestrians, cyclists or other objects within a predetermined distance and give an audible warning to the driver via an in-cab alarm.

The company has also developed a number of new products, which can be found on Sentinel’s stand at the show alongside its other popular safety systems.

Further information is available from Sentinel on 01285 771333 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at

Sentinel Systems is supported by Vantage PR

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