Rhenus Helps Bespoke Furniture Business Reach New Heights In Customer Service.


The specialist for final deliveries to customers, Rhenus Home Delivery has been appointed sole carrier for all two-man home deliveries by the design-centric furniture company Swoon.

Since joining the home delivery market in 2017, Rhenus has gone from strength to strength, winning contracts such as Swoon as a result of its top-level service.

Located in London, Swoon was established in 2012, and today sells more than 1,000 designs ranging from sofas to sideboards.

Since starting its contract with Swoon, Rhenus has already improved delivery success by more than 50% and has provided Swoon customers with greater flexibility regarding the number of daily deliveries and volume of products.

Swoon co-founder Debbie Williamson commented:

“We think it is so important to give our customers an unparalleled buying journey and part of that is for them to have a seamless delivery experience. Working with Rhenus has given us just that. Our experience with Rhenus has been a breath of fresh air, from the smooth and professional onboarding process all the way through to the NPS (Net promoter score) feedback from our customers”.

Home delivery is a key area for Rhenus and has seen significant growth in the UK in the last two years. With four regional depots located in Northwich, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh and Antrim, as well as specialist delivery partners, Rhenus is able to ensure consistent top-level service, as well as guaranteeing a wide-reaching operation across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Rhenus uses a modern IT infrastructure working alongside a variety of data transfer methods and in-house systems. The logistics specialist also provides a track and trace system for its customers, so they can log on and see the live progress of their order.

Vinny Riley, managing director of Rhenus Home Delivery UK, commented:

“Partnering with Swoon is a big step for Rhenus Home Delivery and has seen our hard work and investment within the sector come to fruition. We’re looking forward to working closely with Swoon and seeing how we can continue helping them to optimise their customer service”.

For more information about Rhenus Home Delivery and its services visit: www.rhenus-home-delivery.co.uk/en/

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