Restructure at Dimerco will deliver ‘quicker response and greater flexibility’


Global freight transportation specialist Dimerco has announced the roll out of phase two of its radical restructure, aimed at driving quicker response, greater flexibility, and business resilience in the face of increasingly challenging and disruptive supply chains. Dimerco initiated its planned organization restructure in 2019 and reports that the company is already seeing positive impact resulting from the changes implemented to date, with both revenue and profitability up for 2020, despite the difficult trading environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase two of the reorganization will see the creation of a flatter, less hierarchical structure, with a focus on managerial specialization, team leadership and intelligent applications, Mr. Jeffrey Shih, Chief Executive Management (CEM), on behalf of Dimerco confirms, commenting “We believe that team leadership, underpinned by a common vision, will facilitate clear communication and coordination, and enable strategic decisions to be made based on a global perspective by bringing together complementary skills and competency from multiple countries with diverse business cultures across our network.”

Members of the Dimerco Executive Management Board (EMB), established in phase one of the restructure program and made up of five senior management specialists heading up air freight, ocean freight, and contract logistics, will each be better equipped to make strategic decisions based on the broader knowledge and shared experience of the team, supported by Dimerco’s intelligent IT application and cloud networking technology. Dimerco will continue to invest in developing its IT systems, embracing the latest available technology to ensure consistent levels of service quality and enhanced visibility, allowing pre-emptive exception management.

Mr. Jeffrey Shih concludes, “Dimerco believes that a flatter organizational structure will further improve management efficiency, while the integration of regional management teams from North America, Greater China, Southeast Asia, Europe and Northeast Asia into a Centralized Service Centre (CSC) will foster faster response and enable coordinated sales & marketing communication on a global basis.

Ultimately, the organization restructure is aimed at enhancing our competitiveness in a challenging international logistics market, allowing us to provide a best-in-class logistics service with operational and management excellence and optimized customer service.”

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