Providing Water Solutions For The World: Schenker Singapore Celebrates A Meaningful One-Year Partnership With Grundfos.


Grundfos consolidated its Finished Goods & Spare Parts warehouses and transited to Schenker Singapore from Dec 2017. The consolidation from two other warehouse locations was successfully completed despite comprising its own set of challenges.

Commenting on the project, Mr. Soren Ishoy, APREG Operations Director at Grundfos said, “The migration of the warehouse went smoothly, and we are happy with the cooperation and support we got from Schenker.”

“It is very important for me that we continue to challenge each other to become even more productive and improve efficiency and the innovation height of our warehouse and with Schenker, I feel we are able to do this in a way that benefits both our organisations. At the same time the daily operations, 5S and general safety at the Schenker warehouse is at a high level which makes our job and the daily lives of my employees much easier.”

The warehouse operations stabilised quickly and both parties have been very committed in fine-tuning the operations flow & processes. It has been a valuable learning experience for both parties, and Schenker Singapore is privileged to have taken Grundfos, its valued customer further by adding value to their supply chain.

About Grundfos
Grundfos develops water solutions for the world. They set the standard in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability, connecting with millions and millions of people every day. Their solutions help their partners and customers move water to where it is supposed to go. Providing drinking water for the smallest villages and the highest skyscrapers, treating and removing wastewater and bringing heat and comfort to the world – or cooling it down when needed.

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