New Visusafe barrier range for added impact protection and stopping power


A new range of high-performance, easy-to-install and cost-effective polymer safety barriers, from visual communications specialists Beaverswood, provides enhanced impact protection in warehouse, logistics and industrial facilities.

Adding to the Visusafe brand, the range features rack end barriers, low level bumper barriers, pedestrian barriers, pedestrian bumper barriers, floor level barriers and heavy-duty safety bollards for effective protection and safety in high traffic interior and exterior warehouse and industrial zones.

Manufactured in the UK from tough and impact absorbing flexible HDPE polymer, the barriers help to deflect or absorb collisions from pallet and forklift trucks and commercial vehicles, preventing damage to property and significantly reducing the cost of repair and maintenance for warehouse operators.

Available in high-visibility Visusafe yellow, products are designed to deflect and absorb the impact while resuming their original shape following a collision. The range also includes tough and durable single stand (320mm high) or double barriers (620mm high), for improved end-of-racking safety zone protection. A low-level option is available in either a single (310mm high) or double bumper barrier (600mm high), to maximise warehouse capacity, along with a floor level barrier system to prevent damage from forklifts and pallets impacting against walls or racking.

Enhanced pedestrian guidance and protection is provided by two new Visusafe barrier systems. Suitable for the interior and exterior of the warehouse and industrial setting, these are available in high visibility yellow and black to catch the eye of personnel and vehicle drivers, creating segregation and guidance for added personal safety.

The new cost effective, heavy-duty safety bollards provide protection of corners, entrances and vehicle entry doorways. Manufactured from impact resistant HPDE, they can absorb the impact of multiple hits before quickly regaining their original shape, with little or no damage.

Jim Roberts, commercial managerat Beaverswood, said: “As the warehouse and industrial workspace gets busier – operating at higher volumes with more vehicle and pedestrian traffic – it’s critical to ensure people and assets are fully protected in the workplace. The new Visusafe barriers and bollards deliver the highest levels of protection and peace-of-mind in today’s busy materials handling environment, providing a high performance and cost-savvy safety solution.” More at

Photocaption: Bumpers and pedestrian barriers are part of the new Visusafe safety barriers from Beaverswood

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