New Truckers On Course For Capital Jobs.


A forward-thinking London logistics firm is leading the way in encouraging a new generation of truckers into the industry.

ELB Partners, which is based in Wimbledon, has teamed up with the UK’s top-rated driving school, EP Training Services, to offer regular opportunities to newly-qualified HGV drivers.

ELB recruits up to 15 drivers a year from the renowned driving school in Bookham, Surrey, in a partnership which benefits both businesses.

Sean Pargeter, managing director at EP Training Services, explained:

“The biggest problem in the industry is there’s a huge demand for drivers but there’s an ever-diminishing pool of availability. There’s also a catch-22 situation for new drivers, as they’re not always given an opportunity despite this ongoing shortage.
“Most firms are demanding two years of experience but how do you get that experience if no-one gives you an opportunity in the first place?
“I’m of the opinion that it’s always best to recruit people with the right attitude and aptitude if you want to succeed.
“To me, that’s far better than taking on someone with two years’ or more experience but with the wrong attitude or a questionable approach.”

ELB’s managing director Peter Easonagreed, adding:

“We first approached EP more than four years ago because they have a fabulous reputation for delivering high quality training and we wanted to find drivers of the highest calibre and commitment.
“Now we use them for all our staff LGV, Hazchem and CPC training, and have this ongoing agreement in which we recruit newly-qualified drivers directly from them.
“This programme has now been in place for more than four years and has worked really well for both businesses.
“It provides us with high-quality staff direct from the country’s top-rated driving school, while it helps EP Training give their students a helping hand into the industry.
“Often, those new drivers would come up against the two-year experience requirement, which is so difficult to achieve for anyone who does not want to work for an agency.
“We’re delighted with the way the partnership is working and look forward to helping more of this new generation of drivers into work.”

For more information on ELB Partners, which is part of the Pallet-Track network, visit:

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