Logmore Announces The Launch Of Logmore QR Tags – An Innovation To Revolutionize Data Logging.


Logmore​ has launched a new innovative service package to solve the problem of data logging being expensive and time-consuming for companies to perform. Officially published at Slush 2018 in Helsinki, the new service is based on using a dynamic QR code as a data transmission method.

The innovative Logmore QR Tags collect data on temperature, light, humidity, shocks and tilt depending on the user’s needs. This allows the user to monitor the conditions their goods are transported and stored in versatile ways to reduce the amount of spoilage and breakage. ​The QR Tags remove the need to guess temperatures or who is responsible for products broken or spoiled during shipping. Food and medicine spoilage can be minimised when the issues related to transporting and storing them can be recognised and fixed.

For example, the QR data logger could be placed in a thermal box to monitor the realization of the cold chain and the right transport conditions. The cloud service stores measurement history, position data, and temperatures. The service can be used to retrieve transport history easily and quickly, even after multiple years have passed.

Focused on affordability and efficiency, Logmore QR Tags can be used in multiple parcels of a large shipment, improving the level of precision to which different parts of the shipment can be confirmed as usable after shipping. Where one shipment may have contained one data logger, every box or parcel can now be monitored individually instead.

“With the innovation, we wish to make effortless circumstance monitoring accessible to everyone and to bring the potential for data collection to a new level. Effortlessness and affordability have been the primary focus in the product development process to ensure that the end-product can be used to benefit
not only the largest logistics giants, but small scale entrepreneurs or even individual people as well” says CEO Janne Juhala.

Logmore’s partners and pilot projects for the service are well-known companies in Finland, presenting different industries and use cases. The pilot projects include the logistics giants Artekno, Nefab and the DB Schenker Network partner Vähälä, pharmaceutical specialists such as the Association of Finnish Pharmacies and Magnum Medical as well as other domestically and internationally operating Finnish companies.

The integrability of Logmore QR Tags has already been tried and proven in practice. For instance, Artekno’s Design Manager Lauri Nurttila has high expectations on how cooperation with Logmore will aid the company’s business: “Artekno is the market leader in thermal transport equipment in Finland, and the Smartbox will further strengthen this position. With the Smartbox, we have the industry’s most advanced IoT solution.” The Smartbox designed to integrate Artekno thermal boxes and the Logmore service was released in March 2019​.

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