LGV Student Accelerates On Level 2 Apprenticeship Programme With Supply Chain Management & Third-Party Logistics Global Leader.


Liam Hall from Normanton has shown how beneficial a learn and earn format can be for someone when completing an Apprenticeship programme in a professional environment, and when living with dyslexia. Embarking on an LGV Apprenticeship at in May 2019 with DHL Argos, Liam has excelled in ways he never dreamt possible.

Prior to joining DHL Argos, Liam was training to be a Joiner and a Sales Advisor at another company but, he knew he wasn’t remaining true to himself so decided a career change was the appropriate way to go. Taking the brave steps in 2007, he met with the global leader in supply chain management & third-party logistics and was soon hired and shortly after had the opportunity to apply for the driver’s progression programme which he was accepted on.

Since starting the LGV Level 2 Apprenticeship in 2019 in his role as Drivers Mate, Liam finds balancing studying, work and personal life challenging but with the help of his Qube Learning mentor he has been able to find a way of meeting his goals in a calm and efficient manner, which he finds makes the programme extremely gratifying. Engrossed from the word go, Liam has overcome many hurdles to get where he is today, having seen his confidence grow in a personal and professional sphere he is very optimistic about the future and does not see his dyslexia as a barrier.

Liam says

“Finding my feet in the logistics industry was a test, I believe it’s a good thing to be tested and it has only made my journey at DHL Argos more interesting. I have learnt many things and I am so proud of the knowledge that I have gained and look forward to setting myself more tasks to achieve the personal and professional success I believe I now deserve.

I can’t thank Qube Learning and DHL Argos enough for encouraging me to embark on a Level 2 LGV. I have expanded my expertise and it the Apprenticeship has allowed me to have a direct education into training and learning at the same time, it’s a route I am so pleased I took, and I cannot recommend it enough”

Joe Crossley, CEO of Qube Learning says

“A core objective of Qube Learning’s is to help those into employment, nurture their talents and push them to believe that anything is possible and stories like Liam’s make it all worthwhile. We thrive off our student’s success as this is what keeps our business going, we help our students prosper and get the best out of working and learning whilst gaining invaluable expertise that will set them up for life.

I know what it is to pick myself up again and to get knocked back, and that is why I am passionate about helping others on their journeys too. Everyone deserves a chance wherever they are from, whatever their postcode and all businesses should now be looking at character not just CV or qualifications”.

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