Krone Transport Technology Matches Noone Transport Needs.


Noone Transport, based in Co. Meath, Ireland, report continued growth of their European logistics operation as the company returns to Krone for an additional consignment of Cool Liner trailers.

A mixture of 10, multi-temp‘ and standard single-temp‘ Cool Liners were added to Noone‘s existing Krone double-deck and standard Cool Liners, for work on a range of UK and European contracts involving pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, autoparts and retail.

Manufactured by Krone in Lubtheen, Germany the Cool Liners’ body strength lies mainly in the Duoplex Steel outer skins and heavy-duty aluminium floor. Plus, for extra rigidity, the chassis is constructed using double -T, longitudinal beams and a Z-profile rear traverse section with diagonal reinforcements.

For added security, the rear doors are of ‘container-type‘ design, while the loading security certificate complies with European standard, EN 12642 Code XL. Factors which Noone say are important to ensure reliability and low cost of ownership.

“As our contracts become more diverse and our business continues to grow” says Financial Controller, Daniel Noone, “we need trailers which provide maximum flexibility and load security. Therefore, we opted for the Krone double-deckers and multi-temp’ trailers because they allow us to carry mixed cargo at different temperatures while guaranteeing load security and optimum utilisation of the load space.”

For dual temperatures and to separate the load, Noone is using Krone’s ISOWALL moveable bulkheads, which are also manufactured at Krone’s Lubtheen plant. The light-weight bulkhead weighs just 120 kg, is strong and easy for one person to operate: a Krone- designed balancer system, combined with a locking lever positioned at the top of the bulkhead, makes the ISOWALL easy to open, close and slide along the trailer.

Furthermore, when stowed to the roof, magnets hold the bulkhead in place, so there is no requirement for secondary locking or risk of fork lift obstruction. Also, the ISOWALL can be positioned hard-up against the load for added security and efficient use of load space.

While in transit, each load benefits from KSC ProPlus Cool – the latest telematics system from Krone, which automatically monitors inside temperatures, coupling status, brake condition, door openings and trailer location. In addition, ProPlus Cool handles complete document management via WLAN, which enables the traffic office to connect to the Krone Telematics Box via WLAN to access and retrieve any relevant data.

“We bought our first Krone in 2008.” Adds Daniel Noone. “The build quality and technology continues to be of the highest standard and exactly matches our transport needs.”

Established in 1986, Noone Transport operates a fleet of 45 Euro V1 Mercedes tractor units on a five-year replacement cycle, along with a 70-strong mixed trailer fleet including Fridges, Box vans and Curtainsiders.

In June 2016 the company opened a 2,300 sq. m. high-tech warehouse and storage facility comprising 4,000 pallet-capacity, cross-docking and modern management systems accredited to ISO 9001.

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