Keep Trucks Moving Freely Across Borders, RHA Urges The Prime Minister Ahead Of Brexit Negotiations.


RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett has urged Boris Johnson to ensure trucks continue to move freely between the UK and EU after Brexit.

He called on the prime minister to secure a deal with the European Commission which would maintain unlimited road haulage access between the territories.

The RHA proposes a ‘Market Access Agreement’ to allow UK hauliers to continue to travel to, through and from the EU without having to apply for permits – with reciprocal arrangements for EU hauliers.

In a letter to the prime minister, Mr Burnett called for “clear and practical rules around the operation of lorries undertaking international transport,” and urged negotiators to agree these quickly.

He warned that failing to meet the needs of haulage “will result in significant disruption across major parts of both UK and EU economies.”

He reiterated the RHA’s commitment to offer expert advice and develop solutions to ensure road haulage continues to function efficiently after the transition period.

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