IRU Hosts Logistics And Innovation Forum In London.


Road transport is a booming industry, responsible for five million jobs across Europe and a combined revenue of €500 billion. Yet safety remains a primary concern. Every day, more than 3,000 people die on our roads around the world, and one in four truck drivers has been the victim of an attack.

According to a recent global IRU study, safety represents one of the biggest innovation opportunities for transport operators.

That’s why the second IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum, taking place in London on 21 February 2020, will focus on how road transport can unlock new business opportunities by making the industry a safer place to work.

Embracing innovation to unlock opportunities

Technology is impacting every aspect of the way we live and work. The road transport industry is no exception and with ongoing developments we are going to witness a dramatic shift in the design of future commercial vehicles. Discussions during the Logistics & Innovation Forum will focus on vehicle innovations, such as new ‘intelligent’ trucks, the transition to automation and pioneering in-truck technologies.

But progress will not just come from upgrading vehicles – instead we must consider the wider transport ecosystem. The Forum will be an opportunity to explore innovations such as fleet management, which could play an important role in preventing accidents, and the potential for smart cameras to give drivers more visibility of their surroundings.

Furthermore, innovation in safety could revolutionise the wider value chain which surrounds road transport. Insurance is an example of one sector which will be challenged to change its business model as a result of significant improvements in safety.

Ways to get involved

The forum, which will take place in the Hotel Sofitel London Heathrow, will be a unique opportunity for organisations operating in or relying upon road transport to share learnings, meet key industry players and better understand market needs to develop their own business. As well as a valuable networking hub bringing together transport operators, service providers and industry users, the Logistics and Innovation Forum offers the chance to access the most up-to-date, market-leading insights and information relating to security and innovation from road transport industry leaders around the world.

The IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum will take place over a whole day, with a keynote session given by Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Director Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics, Europe’s leading asset-based Transport Company. Mr Kaas Mortensen will directly address how technology can deliver safer and more profitable logistics, drawing on his own experiences at Girteka.

The IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum, is now open for registration and sponsorship opportunities. There are also a range of ways to get involved, from speaking slots and panel discussion places to sponsorship and partner opportunities.

Whether you are an individual with interest in the sector or a business operating in the industry looking for valuable networking and business development opportunities, IRU can help you find the right option. For more information, visit

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