Hermes Helps Charity Deliver Christmas.


Hermes, the consumer delivery specialist, has teamed up with national charity CHICKS to play a vital role in delivering Christmas presents to children in need. It was all hands on deck as enthusiastic employees from the company’s head office in Morley headed to Leeds Arena to carefully wrap over 450 presents.

More than 70 colleagues scored, cut and folded their way through 85 metres of wrapping paper, kindly donated by Card Factory, as they took part in the ‘wrap-a-thon’ today (19th December). They also decorated individual cards and gift boxes. The delivery firm will now collect pre-wrapped presents from other participating companies including Splunk and Linkcity, before delivering all of the gifts to over 100 deprived children chosen by the charity.

Martijn De Lange, CEO of Hermes, said:

“We have been working closely with CHICKS again this year, supporting the invaluable work they carry out. It is an honour to be part of this special initiative that will deliver Christmas to these special children.”

Mabel Duncombe, Partnerships Manager at CHICKS, said:

“We are very grateful for the support Hermes has provided with wrapping and delivering our Christmas presents. For many of the children we work with at CHICKS, these presents will be the only ones they receive this Christmas. The reality of their lives is queuing at food banks and electricity running out on the meter, let alone imagining any gifts. Hermes has therefore enabled hundreds of children living in incredibly difficult circumstances across the UK to wake up on Christmas morning with a smile on their faces. Thank you Hermes!”

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