Hermes Boosts Employee Connectivity As It Launches Online Training Portal.


Hermes, the UK’s leading consumer delivery specialist, has ensured every one of its employees now has access to a personalised email address so it can better connect them to business news, information, their benefits and rewards, and the latest learning and development opportunities. More than 1500 colleagues have recently been assigned accounts to coincide with the launch of myJourney, Hermes’ new online development training platform.

The email addresses have now been created for those employees who did not traditionally need access to a work account, for instance HGV drivers and those colleagues that work across the company’s network of hubs and depots. The move is designed to enhance connectivity, improve communication channels and to provide all employees access to the growing number of online support systems the company has in place including the new learning management system, myJourney. This new system is designed to provide online learning content and access to book onto training programmes, as well as providing a central repository for all training records.

Employees will be able to access the company’s intranet remotely, as long as they have an internet connection, as well then accessing myJourney to complete learning of their choice. Once logged in, they will find access to more than 100 eLearning courses, which can be booked at the touch of a button. The portal also features auto-reminders, so employees do not miss a pre-booked session, whilst they also receive a certificate for every training module completed.

Jill Maples, HR Director at Hermes, said:

“We wanted to ensure that every member of our growing workforce – whether they are based in our head office in Morley, work on the ground at one of our hubs, or spend the majority of time on the roads –have access to exactly the same learning opportunities. By doing this, we have boosted connectivity and employee engagement, as well as prioritising personal development, which is vital for an organisation like Hermes.”

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