Ex-Trucker Dave Is On The Drivers’ Side.


A London logistics firm is looking within its own ranks to help address the ever-growing driver shortages in the industry.

ELB Partners, in Wimbledon, faces the challenges caused by the shortage of an estimated 85,000 drivers on a daily basis, a figure which has grown following the mandatory CPC retests in September.

To help with its own recruitment and retention, ELB has appointed Dave French, a former Class 1 driver for ELB Partners, to a new role as driver representative.
Dave, 57, who has worked for ELB since February last year, is now the first port of call for the company’s drivers regarding any issues, suggestions or training requirements.

Dave, who suggested the creation of the role to ELB managing director Peter Eason, said:

“My role includes everything from putting my arm around new starters, helping them get settled in and arranging any training they need, to working with established drivers to deal with any concerns or questions they have.

“As we know, keeping drivers is a big challenge due to the well-documented shortages in the industry and every time there is a bout of CPC renewals, you lose some more.

“We need to come up with more innovative ways of keeping both new and old drivers happy and this new role is working really well already.”

Peter said:

“Dave comes here in the morning, sorts the yard, helps strap the loads up and generally does all he can to make the drivers’ lives easier. He’s definitely a calming influence.

“Our staff are our greatest asset and face a unique set of challenges working across London, so it is vital we do all we can to help them.

“It’s all about retention and doing all we can to make drivers’ lives easier.”

To keep his training current, Peter will be putting Dave through his CPC in the new year.

ELB is the only London-based haulier to have received FORS Gold accreditation six years in a row, for its ongoing commitment to investing in road safety and reducing emissions.

For more information about ELB Partners, visit www.elbpartners.com.

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