Big Move For Toronto Cargo.


The Toronto (YYZ) Cargo team worked hard last month with the loading of a huge Bell 429 helicopter.

Weighing over 2,500kgs (5,512lbs), the helicopter was in transit from Montreal to Prague, with a stop in Amsterdam where it was transferred to a truck for the final leg of its journey.

The team used a crane to raise and lower the cargo into its shipping cradle before transfer to the aircraft, where the helicopter fuselage took up four positions in the 747 combi. Because of the overall size of the helicopter fuselage, surrounding pallets had to be built with contours in order for everything to fit into the main deck. The team also loaded long crates containing the rotor blades.

Rick Martin, Terminal Manager Cargo Operations Toronto, said: “All went well for the entire move and the aircraft left on time. YYZ staff offer almost 100 years of airfreight experience, and they take pride and care in the daily operations. With loads like this one it’s all hands on deck to ensure loading goes smoothly and safely. If it fits, we make it work. Good job, team.”

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