Bibby Distribution Records Rapid Results For Roquette.


Bibby Distribution has successfully increased its on-time in full (OTIF) delivery rate for Roquette to more than 98 per cent after investing in 16 new tractor units, which have also cut the environmental impact of the plant-based ingredient manufacturer’s supply chain.

The new 44-tonne DAF CF trucks, equipped with latest diesel engine technology, are part of an overall £1.6m investment by Bibby Distribution in its seven-year relationship with Roquette, which offers solutions to food and beverage industry manufacturers across the UK.

Each vehicle is 500kg lighter than its predecessor, and is recording an improvement in fuel consumption as well as a significant reduction in ambient noise – providing continuous improvement on the contract, which was signed for a long-term renewal in 2018.

Nigel Streatfield, Supply Chain Manager, Roquette, says:

“The Bibby Distribution team is always proactive in suggesting improvements for the way we work and promised to make our logistics operations even more reliable and environmentally conscious.

“The results they have achieved in the past 12 months is a credit to their insight and investment, and we are grateful to work with a company that shares the same values as us when it comes to improvements, efficiency and the environment.”

In addition to the optimised fleet, a dedicated Bibby Distribution transport team is based at Roquette’s production site in Corby to provide direct support, handle day-to-day route planning and traffic management, and can rapidly adjust transport scheduling when required.

Streatfield says:

“With the Bibby Distribution team on site it’s like they’re part of our business, rather than simply a supplier. It means they really understand our transport requirements and can genuinely achieve continuous improvement.”

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