American Airlines Cargo Announces Record-Breaking Year.


Breaks all-time records across three major categories.

2018 proved to be an exceptional year for the American Airlines Cargo team, with the division exceeding multiple all-time records in performance, volume and revenue, finishing the year with more than $1 billion in revenue.

The airline moved record volumes of freight and mail across its system in 2018, with volume for the year ending at a historic 2 billion pounds.

With volume at an all-time high, the airline also achieved history-breaking Flown As Booked (FAB) numbers. The trend continued through the end of the year, setting all-time FAB records in six out of the last seven months. New routes, strategic capacity planning and exceptional team work from across the organization led to the best annual performance numbers ever recorded in the airline’s history.

“Our Operations team set all-time performance records, while moving record volumes of freight and mail across our system this year, reaching our typical peak fall volumes month after month,” said David Vance, VP, Operations, American Airlines Cargo. “It’s impressive to say the least and makes me very proud to lead Cargo Operations.”

Powered by record volume and exceptional performance, the business also recorded more than $1 billion in revenue for the first time in its history.

“We’ve had an incredible year,” said Rick Elieson, President, American Airlines Cargo. “We set out to break records and did just that. We achieved a major revenue milestone, but more importantly, our teams handled record volume and still delivered the best operational performance in the history of our company. Thanks to the daily effort of every single team member in this organization, 2018 was definitely a historic year.”

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