ALS Guarantees Customs Clearance For Transported Items After Brexit.


The customs specialist, ALS Customs Services, is offering three new solutions for its customers if Brexit occurs without a withdrawal agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom from 31 October onwards. Using simplified procedures for customs formalities, goods will automatically be declared before being transported in order to prevent any capacity bottlenecks.

ALS started its preparations for customs clearance for transported items in a “nodeal Brexit” scenario two years ago. “We initially set up a task force to specially deal with this topic. Using the expertise that was gained as a result, we’ve been able to implement three different customs declaration solutions for our customers,” says Jan Dykhuizen, Senior Project Manager at ALS, explaining the development.

The three solutions, known as “Digital Flow”, “Classic Flow” and “Transit Flow”, offer methods that have been adapted to customers’ requirements to smoothly transport goods between the United Kingdom and EU countries. The “Digital Flow” system combines the export and import formalities fully automatically in a simple step. As a result, it is possible to create a simplified trading corridor (green channel) between the United Kingdom and the single market and prevent any delays caused by having to submit complex customs declarations.

If it is not possible to fully automate the customs clearance procedure, the “Classic Flow” system offers a manual or semi-manual process using advance notification and TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedures), so that goods arrive at their destination without any additional intermediate stops. In the “Transit Flow” system, NCTS transit documents (T1, T2) are prepared to enable the goods to cross borders quickly.

Richard Revyn, Managing Director of ALS Customs Services for the Benelux Countries and the United Kingdom, is looking to the future with confidence:

“We can cover all the possibilities for customs declarations to and from the United Kingdom with these solutions and therefore offer efficient transport operations along the complete supply chain.”

ALS has its own offices in seven European countries and has been operating in Manchester and London since January 2019.

About ALS
ALS Customs Services GmbH is an expert in all matters related to customs and has AEO and ISO 9001 certification. The company was founded in 1989 and was one of the first firms in Germany to gain AEO status (Authorised Economic Operator). It offers expertise in matters related to customs clearance, fiscal services and consultancy work. The company has offices at twenty-four business sites in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Its headquarters are located at Weil am Rhein in the region where Germany, France and Switzerland meet.

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