AG Logistics Services selects Körber for automation of new DC in Ede


Hamburg, 16th March 2021. With the K.Handle Layer Picker, AG Logistics Services takes the next step in modern logistics services for Kraft Heinz.

Kӧrber has been selected by AG Logistics Services for the automation of its new distribution center (DC) in Ede, the Netherlands. The deployment of Körber’s modern solutions will enable AG Logistics Services to maintain its characteristic flexibility and customer focus while successfully continuing its strong volume growth.

For the new DC, Körber will supply and implement a powerful combination of supply chain software, automation solutions and material handling equipment (MHE). The most eye-catching of these is the Layer Picker. It allows AG Logistics Services to quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of clients such as Kraft Heinz.

While the manufacturer delivers each product in full pallets to AG Logistics Services, supermarkets and other retailers that AG Logistics Services is supplying to each have their own requirements. They want to be able to place the deliveries directly fitting into the picking area in their DC or ask for deliveries of less than a full pallet. With the Layer Picker, AG Logistics Services takes care of this in no time. Repacking activities, too, are supported easily and cost-effectively by the rapid assembly of mixed layer pallets.

Arie Thomassen, director AG Logistics Services, says: “I find it important to work closely with my customers – I’m always open to their ideas. In Ede, we are expanding our services to Kraft Heinz. They advised us to look into the possibilities of deploying the Layer Picker from Körber. This solution fits perfectly with my desire to innovate our logistics processes. Characteristic is its large capacity and adaptability: it allows us to pick product layers from large numbers of pallets simultaneously and to mix several orders together. This was a decisive factor for us, because it enables us to achieve the further growth we are aiming for, while maintaining the quality of our services. We deliberately did not opt for a fully automated DC, but we can now do more with fewer people.”

Pieter Feenstra, Chief Sales Officer Automation, Körber Business Area Supply Chain, added: “AG Logistics Services owes its strong growth to its commitment to great service and accuracy in deliveries. To ensure this quality, it is important to them that interaction between employees and technological solutions that increase efficiency is seamless and well accepted. Conquering AG Logistics Services’ complexities means we are the partner delivering the expertise, required advanced software solutions and automation technology to integrate them with the entire ecosystem.”

AG Logistics Services’ new distribution center is scheduled to open in the summer of 2021. A large part of the DC will be used for services to Kraft Heinz. From Ede, food retailers in the Netherlands and other EU countries, are supplied with Kraft Heinz’s products on a made-to-measure basis.

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