100-Percent Shipping Quality: Rhenus And E-Dentic Develop Innovative Loading Solution.


The Rhenus Group, working with the French start-up company, E-Dentic, has developed a solution at its logistics centre in Rade near Hamburg to make the loading procedure safe and transparent by means of Bluetooth devices and video cameras. This ensures 100-percent shipping quality and prevents any human errors.

The innovative solution makes the loading procedure safe and transparent for customers at any time, because it automatically validates the loading process and documents it too. 30 so-called beacons have been installed at all the loading gates for this and the forklift trucks equipped with Wi-Fi cameras. Beacons are devices that transmit a constant Bluetooth signal and the latter has been integrated in the Rhenus Warehouse Management System.

In other respects, the loading procedures have not changed for the employees. They scan the pallets before loading them. A mobile computer shows them at which gate the pallet has to be offloaded. If any employee makes a mistake and drives to the wrong gate, the beacons prevent any loading. Correct loading procedures are documented and stored in the system with precise times.

“Rhenus and its final customer can check the video material from the Wi-Fi cameras in retrospect. As a result, it’s possible to prove that all the safety standards were met and the goods ordered by a customer were really dispatched too,” says Gilles Tassery, CEO of E-Dentic, explaining the system.

“We naturally looked around for existing solutions first, but soon realised that there was nothing to compare with this on the market. That was the starting point for our partnership with E-Dentic,” says Theresia Teigelkamp, Innovation Manager at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions.

The complex project, which was first set up at the Rhenus Warehousing Solutions site in Rade, took about 18 months to develop. The team is still working to introduce improvements, even now. A deliberate decision was made to use the business site at Rade, because hazardous goods are stored there and particularly high security standards apply.

The newly developed solution, which attracted the SiTL Innovation Award in Paris in the spring, is due to be introduced at other Rhenus warehouses in future.

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